Mythos Points

Mythos Points are rewards given in or out of game for accomplishments—especially participation in this website.

I’ve taken this idea from the superb CoC Campaign called “Cthulhu Supremus Est” located here on Obsidian Portal. Check it out!

Mythos Point Awards

  1. One point for adding your character to the online roster
  1. Two points for each forum post, adventure log post or other online contribution.
  1. Three points for bringing cool, new graphics to the site! (Hint, Hint!), also for exceptionally good roleplaying and/or dramatic success or failure, depending on the situation.

Mythos Point Rewards

1 point= Reroll a skill check.

2 points= Add a one-time bonus to your skill check of 25%

3 points= Auto-success on skill check.

4 points= Auto-success on SAN check.

5 points= Automatic CRIT on Combat skill check.

6 points= Add 7% to the skill of your choice

Players can bank their Mythos Points, but can never have more than 6 at any one point in time.

Mythos Points

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