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Unspeakable Terror

a 1920s-era Call of Cthulhu campaign

We’re fuckin back!!!!!

After a lengthy hiatus, we came back, albeit briefly, to Call of Cthulhu RPG. Much time has passed since our first go-round with this game, and it just didn’t take, this time. Maybe some time in the future—after the 7th edition gets here—this group might pick it back up. If anyone wants to hit me up to play in a CoC campaign online or in-person, send me a private message.

Shub niggurath

The forums will be the place in which I will introduce key rules and other aspects of the game.

The Character Generation forum is complete!

Check out the Mythos Points wiki and see what it’s all about!

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Special Note: I have reproduced certain works of art, literature and game manuals here, purely as resource material for the players in our own private campaign. I’m not attempting to use any of the above-listed works for profit of any sort

Home Page

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